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Safe food. Safe personal care products. What’s the big deal?

To be honest, I didn't really "buy in" to the whole 'organic' thing when it first came out. Sometimes I still buy the cheap strawberries at Costco instead of doubling the price for organic. Hey! I'm Dutch and at times can be cheap! But more often than not, I'm now choosing organic.

Why? I interview patient's health status every day, and more and more and more people have autoimmune disorders, cancer, IBS/celiac/food sensitivities, ADHD and mood disorders... the list goes on. And it DOES begin to make you wonder? Why do I know so many women diagnosed INITIALLY with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer? Why are the rates rising? So I did my research and now we are making huge changes in the way we eat.

This follows my change in personal care products that started a little over a year ago. I've had some ask me if it really makes a difference, and I believe IT DOES. This article mentions only a handful of chemicals that are BANNED in Europe and Canada. Why aren't they banned here? What will it take for our health to matter more than deep pockets?

Aren't we already in a health crisis? Formaldehyde in our mascaras. Hormone-mimicking parabens in our lotions. Carcinogens, lead, asbestos... this stuff shouldn't be allowed in our products. We would have an uproar if it were in our food, but it's okay if it absorbs into the largest organ in our body and penetrates the bloodstream?

I first became interested in this topic when I started noticing that I was doing everything I could to treat symptoms, and some of my patients just weren't getting better. I asked more and more questions and started connecting the dots.

Their eyes felt better on weekends, not wearing makeup; eyes felt better after washed makeup off; I would have them stop a certain soap or mascara for a week and their symptoms magically disappeared... so I'm now a BELIEVER.

Lend your voice. Text #betterbeauty to 52886 to show your support.

If you're looking for safer choices, contact our office or PM us for more information. Beautycounter; is a company that is committed to safer products and lists over 1500 products they never use. There are others which have safe eyeliners and mascaras, eyeshadows, and a few with safe skin care. Be a label reader! Join Premier Beauty and Wellness to learn more! Article from LA Times about the bill that was crushed by the cosmetics industry!