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Lid Hygiene

ZocuFoam Eyelid Cleanser and Moisturizer

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(from L to R) ZocuWipes, ZocuShield, and ZocuFoam

Zocular products deliver the soothing and calming action of patented ZokrexTM platform with activated natural okra complexes along with the deep cleansing power of micellar ZocusomesTM. It’s pH balanced for the ocular surface and has been clinically shown to be effective against Demodex.

Available in ZocuWipes, ZocuFoam, or the Advanced ZocuShield, it is one of Dr. DenHartog’s favorite products for eliminating biofilm along the lid margin, calming inflammation, and eliminating harmful bacteria and mites.


ocusoft original

Ocusoft Original lid scrub provides a non-irritating formula that effectively removes oil and debris from the eyelids. Use one small pump and lather at the base of the lashes, then rinse.

Ocusoft Hypochlor Spray

ocusoft hypochlor

Ocusoft Hypochlor Spray helps to remove existing oils, bacteria, and mites (demodex) from the eyelids. It comes in a spray which can be applied directly to closed eyelids, or sprayed onto a lint-free pad and wiped on the lids.

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