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Corner of University and 128th St, across from The Iowa Clinic

Located at Corner of University and 128th St, across from The Iowa Clinic

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Treatment for Dry Eyes

Dr. DenHartog uses the latest in dry eye testing, diagnosis, and treatments to develop a customized treatment plan for each patient.

Home Therapies

Dry Eye Disease is chronic and requires maintenance at home to keep symptoms under control. Dr. DenHartog will recommend therapies which will help you to manage and improve symptoms at home.

Artificial Tears

Lubricating tear drops can provide immediate, short-term relief. Ask Dr. DenHartog which of our favorite brands might be right for you: Retaine MGD, Oasis Plus, Systane Balance, Soothe XP, and Refresh Optive Advanced.

artificial tears

Omega 3 Supplements

Taken daily, Omega supplements may help to reduce inflammation. Supplements vary greatly; ask Dr. DenHartog which would be best for you, given your specific needs.


Warm Compresses

The MiBo Heating pad uses infrared to provide constant heat at the recommended 108 F; it plugs in with a USB adaptor. The Bruder Mask is heated in the microwave for up to 20 seconds, and it provides 10 minutes of moist heat.

Treatment WarmCompress

Lid Scrubs

Reducing the bacteria from our lids may help control inflammation. Lid scrubs are useful in cleaning debris and crusting from the base of the lashes. Our favorites: Ocusoft Platinum Lid Scrub, HypoChlor Lid Spray, and Ocusoft Original Lid Scrub.

Lid scrubs

Prescription Eye Drops

Prescription eye drops may be beneficial in reducing inflammation and increasing overall tear quality. Restasis and Xiidra are 2 of the options available for moderate to severe eye with inflammation.

eye drops

In-Office Procedures

Advanced treatments in the office may be recommended to more efficiently promote treatment and healing and enhance your at-home therapies.

MiBo Thermaflow

The MiBo treatment is a relaxing therapy that supplies continuous controlled heat applied to the outer skin of the eyelid. Using gentle massage, heat is absorbed deep into the tissue and breaks down the hardened oils.

Treatment MiBo

Punctal Plugs

A punctal plug is a small, dissolvable device inserted into the tear duct to comfortably seal the drainage route. It allows your own tears to remain on your eyes for a longer period of time.

Treatment Punctal

Scleral Contact Lenses

In some cases, when symptoms cannot be adequately controlled, you may opt to be fit with prescription Scleral Contact Lenses. These large contact lenses rest on the sclera and create a tear-filled vault over the cornea, bathing the cornea in moisture and promoting healing.

Scleral Lenses

iLux Device – Tearfilm Innovations

The proprietary light-based heat source gently warms the inner and outer lid to a safe therapeutic temperature. Sensors in the disposable iLux Smart Tip monitor inner eyelid temperature continuously during treatment. The doctor gently compresses the eyelid as much as needed to clear the blocked orifices. Your doctor can view the blocked meibomian gland orifices through the magnifying lens. iLux allows direct visualization of meibomian gland orifices and expressed meibum throughout treatment via the magnifying lens.

iLux with annotation2 1

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