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Skin Care Additional Information

Need help switching to safer, cleaner products?

  • Check your cosmetics with Skin Deep. Aim to keep products that are a grade 3 or lower. EWGlink to Skin Deep
  • Download the “ThinkDirty” App to check products link to Apple Store
  • Throw out any eye cosmetics over 6 months old.

Tricky Terminology

A lack of regulatory oversight by the FDA leads to labels like “hypoallergenic”, “organic”, and “Dermatologist Recommended” which don’t ensure the product is non-toxic.

What to Avoid & Why

  • Formaldehyde Releasers may cause sensitivity reactions
    • Found in many lash products, mascaras, nail hardeners, skin care & make up
    • “DMDM hydantoin”, “Quaternium-15, Ureas
  • Retinols may cause skin sensitivity & damage the meibomian glands
    • Found in anti-aging serums and creams, eye creams
    • Retinol acetate, retinoic acid, vitamin A Palmitate
  • Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK) is a preservative, toxic to the cornea
    • Found in eyeliners, mascaras, & makeup removers; OTC and Rx eye drops
  • Coal Tar when applied to the “waterline” blocks the Meibomian glands and allows carcinogen exposure
    • Found in eyeliners
  • Parabens may prohibit the Meibomian glands from secreting. They are known hormone disruptors.
    • Found in makeup, lotions, and serums
    • Methyl-, Propyl-, Butyl-
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfates which cause soaps to foam, may irritate skin, particularly for those with rosacea, and cause inflammation affecting the eyelids.
    • Found in face washes, shampoos.
  • PEGs (polyethylene glycol) may be carcinogenic
  • Phthalates (fragrance) may contain chemicals and allergens
  • Avoid Eyelash Growth Serums (Isopropyl Cloprostenate)
  • Avoid Botox for crow’s feet

Improve your overall health & ocular comfort by swapping out your most offending products


  • Swap synthetic dyes, carbon black, formaldehyde releasers….
  • Clinique, Revlon, Cover Girl
For Luscious clean lash beauty!

  • BeautyCounter Big Lash
  • Twenty Twenty Beauty

  • Swap carbon black, coal tar…
  • Clinique, Maybelline, Revlon
For a clean line!

  • BeautyCounter Liquid or Pencil
  • Twenty Twenty Beauty Liquid
  • Rejuva Minerals Eye Pencil
Anti-Aging Serums

  • Swap, Retinols, fragrance, PEGS, petrolatum …
  • CeraVe Eye Cream, Roc Multi Correction 5 in 1 Cream, Olay Brightening Eye Gel
For youthful clean!

  • Premier Collagen Firming Serum
  • Premier Brightening C Serum
  • Premier Revitaleyes
  • BeautyCounter Ultra Renewal Eye Cream

  • Swap sodium laureth sulfates, PEGS, parabens…
  • CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
For a refreshing clean!

  • Premier Refreshing Cleanser
  • BeautyCounter Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil
Moisturizers & Creams

  • Swap parabens, alcohol, and laureth…
  • Olay Sensitive Skin moisturizing lotion
For restorative clean!

  • Premier Rapid Recovery Cream
Facial Sunscreens

  • Swap toxic…
  • Cerave SPF 30, Cliniqe Face Cream SPF 50, Roc Retinol Correction SPF 30
For Beautiful protection!

  • Premier Moisturizing Tinted Sunscreen SPF 44
  • BeautyCounter Dew Skin SPF 20
  • W3LL People Tinted SPF 30

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