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Premier Vision Clinic, Dr. Jennifer DenHartog,
Optometric Physician

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For the last 20 years I have been a patient of Dr. Jennifer Den Hartog. Over the years I developed a condition where I'd suddenly have a dizzie spell that always seemed to involve my eyes. Medical doctors put me through CT scans, MRI, hearing test, etc. No one including Dr. Jen could find a reason. When Covid hit and everything was shut down, my episodes become more frequent and severe. I actually would become sick. When Dr Jen was able to get back to work, I called and set an appointment. Dr. Jen did her usual examine and ask me if I'd be willing to come back for another examine on a new machine she was getting to test for a condition she studied during Covid. I did return and Dr Jen was able to diagnose my problem!! The treatment was special lens called Neurolens. In the five months since I was diagnosed, I've been amazed at the changes. Not only did the dizziness stop, but my neck and shoulder pain left. Having worn contact lens for 50 years, has made the adjustment to glasses a challenge, but Dr Jen has been wonderful through it all. I'm so grateful for all the help I've gotten at Premier Vision!!
1 week ago
- Donna M.
Very friendly and caring. So very knowledgeable. Thank you for your great care.
2 weeks ago
- Russ U.
I recently visited Dr DenHartog for the first time. I'm a patient with very advanced eye care needs due to a somewhat rare eye disease. I found her to be extremely knowledgable, deliberate and extremely thorough in her analysis and exam. I'm also that patient that wants to know the scientific "why" behind her findings and she took extra time to explain the things she was finding. Specifically, if you have corneal issues like advanced astigmatism or keratoconus and are interested in scleral lenses (which were an absolute life changer for me), I would highly recommend seeing her. Overall, she's an excellent eye doc and a nice person too.
1 month ago
- John M.
I love Dr Den Hartog and her staff. Having someone poke around your eyes can be scary but she makes it easy, explaining what she’s doing and even showing you what she’s seeing and what it means. I wish all health care providers were this patient-centric.
2 months ago
- Sara h.
I was absolutely amazed by the thoroughness and care Dr. Den Hartog and her staff took to diagnose, explain and provide treatment options. Her knowledge and diagnostic tools went far beyond my expectations, and she tied my eye issues to my other medical conditions to help me make the best decision for my treatment and ongoing care. I’ve had experiences with eye specialists at University of Iowa hospitals, and I’d put Dr. Den Hartog’s knowledge and diagnosing skill with dry eye as comparable to U of I care with eye disease. Plus, she truly cares about her patients and wants to give them the best care. Highly recommend her!
2 months ago
- Sharon P.
I went to Dr. DenHartog for extreme dry eyes. Thanks to her comprehensive, drug free treatment my left eye is 100% back to normal and my right eye is close behind. Thank you!!!
2 months ago
- Julia S.
Professional, friendly staff. Dr. DenHartog stays updated on the most current treatment for her patients. She has treated my dry eyes and taught me how to take care of them at home and that has made my life more enjoyable.
3 months ago
- Janet K.
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