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DRY EYE TREATMENT AT Premier Vision Clinic

During a dry eye examination at our eye care center in Clive, we will recommend dry eye treatments tailored to treat your symptoms and provide lasting relief. We are dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy clear and comfortable vision so that you can live your best life. Whether you have chronic dry eye or a recent dry eye issue, we have the right treatment plan for you.

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Lasting and Effective Dry Eye Treatment

Our dry eye program works like therapy, where we aren’t simply prescribing a quick medication or artificial tears, but rather we create an individual solution for each patient. Prior to administering any treatment, we need to get to the root cause in order to offer the most adequate treatment possible. Treatment truly is a partnership between our team and you, the patient, to reach the desired endpoint of comfortable eyes and vision.

Because of the variety of treatments that can help relieve dry eye symptoms, a dry eye examination is essential understanding the root cause, and to determining what treatment to start. Treatment options range from at-home lid hygiene regimens or medications, to in-office procedures for more advanced cases.

  • Lumenis IPL Thumbnail
    We see many dry eye patients throughout the year as it is one of the most common eye conditions we treat. Patients come in M22 IPL2complaining of burning,
  • TempSure Thumbnail
    TempSure Envi for dry eye applies radiofrequency to apply heat deep into the skin to regenerate collagen and reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and smile lines.
  • ilux thumbnail
    The iLux System allows your eye doctor to provide safe, effective treatment using localized heat and compression therapy.
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  • lid hyegiene
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    Hot compress eye masks provide relief to those suffering from dry eye disease and can also be used to treat blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction.
  • Prokera Thumbnail.jpg
    Prokera is used to promote ocular surface healing, reduce scarring and minimize ocular inflammation. It is a combination medical device, meaning that it is a medical device with a drug-delivering component. Learn more about Prokera.
  • hydroeye 325
    HydroEye is a patented nutritional formulation that works from the inside out to provide continuous relief for dry, itchy eyes.
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  • Vitamins and Foods Thumbnail.jpg
    If your eyes feel gritty or itchy, you likely have dry eye syndrome. Here are a few ways your can enhance your diet for eye comfort and health.
  • Eye Drops for Dry Eyes Thumbnail.jpg
    We know that for those with dry eye syndrome, finding relief is a priority. Here’s why a visit with a dry eye optometrist will provide longer-lasting relief than searching through the aisles of your neighborhood drug store