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Patient Resources

We look forward to seeing you at your upcoming appointment!

Prior to your appointment:

Please provide all insurance information, both medical and vision discount plans, within 24 hours of scheduling your appointment. Our insurance department will make every effort to determine your eligibility and benefits prior to your exam.

  • Insurance information may be provided over the phone, via HIPAA secure texting of the photo to our office number at 515-512-1444, or via the online form here which includes your health information.
  • In the event that the necessary information is not provided in advance, you may opt to pay in full and file the claim for direct reimbursement or leave a credit card on file until benefits are verified at a later date.
  • Not sure what your benefits cover? Read "Understanding Your Benefits” by clicking here.

Please bring to your appointment:

  • All glasses including for everyday, computer, piano/music, reading, etc
  • Wear your contact lenses to the appointment
  • New Patients: Please bring your previous contact lens prescription or the boxes or photo with prescription information

What To Expect

We recommend you allow up to 90 minutes for your exam to allow for advanced testing, dilation, and/or contact lens evaluation, as well as frame and lens selection. You may arrive prior to your exam to choose frames which may expedite your time spent in office.

We offer Retinal Imaging as well as Dilation as part of our comprehensive Examination

  • Clarus Retinal Imaging is a photograph of up to 200 degrees, or approximately 80%, of the retina in the back of the eye. This imaging can be done either with or without dilation. The imaging allows a view of the retina to screen for signs of macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, and overall retinal health, even in the absence of dilation.
  • Optovue iWellness Retinal Imaging allows the doctor to see beneath the surface of the retina, where signs of disease may first appear. Specifically, a detailed screening of the macula may help to diagnose early warning signs of macular degeneration and other macular changes, as well as glaucoma. The doctor recommends this test for patients with family history and for patients over 50 years of age.

This combination of Digital Retinal Imaging also provides a permanent and historical record of changes in the eye. Images can be compared side-by-side, year after year, to discover even subtle changes and help monitor ocular health.

Dilation provides an additional view for the doctor, which is highly recommended if any previous diagnosis has been made, or if you are being monitored for cataracts.

Our doctor strongly recommends both retinal imaging as well as dilation to have the most comprehensive view. IN the event you are unable to be dilated, Clarus Retinal Imaging allows a screening of the retina, and the doctor will further recommend dilation if necessary.

Retinal imaging is covered by some insurance plans with a $39 copay, or out of pocket for a $39 fee.

We look forward to seeing you soon! If you have any questions you may CALL or TEXT our office at 515-512-1444 or EMAIL us at

  • Do you know how your medical insurance & vision plans work together? What do they exactly cover? Learn about your benefits here.