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Order Contact Lenses Online

Are you loving the diagnostic contact lenses we fit you in or are you running low on your current supply? We would love to assist you in ordering your contact lens prescription.

How to order contact lenses through text,

You can contact our office by calling or texting us at: 515-512-1444. If you choose to text our office to place an order for contact lenses, please follow these steps.

Include in your text message to our practice the following information:

  • The specific contact lens you want to order.
    • If you were trying contact lenses, let us know which ones you like.
  • Your vision plan information, if applicable
  • The quantity you wish to order.
  • Your shipping address.
    • 12 month quantities receive free shipping to your preferred address
    • Orders less than a year / 12 months can be shipped to your preferred address for $8. You may also request that they are shipped to our office to be picked up at no additional charge.

Please note: We are unable to fill a contact lens prescription that is over 1 year from the date it was prescribed. If you have an expired contact lens prescription, please contact us today to schedule an updated contact lens exam.