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Scleral Contact Lenses

Have astigmatism, keratoconus or severe dry eye?

Premier Vision Clinic in West Des Moines provides scleral lenses for
superior visual comfort and excellent optics.

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What Are Scleral Lenses?

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Scleral contact lenses are an extra-large type of rigid gas permeable lenses. Unlike traditional contacts, scleral lenses vault over the entire cornea, leaving a gap between the lens and the corneal surface. They rest on the white part of your eye (your sclera).

Scleral lenses are particularly useful for managing eye conditions such as:

  • Keratoconus
  • Astigmatism
  • Dry Eyes
  • Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC)
  • Post-refractive surgery (i.e. LASIK, PRK)
  • Presbyopia

We welcome you to call Dr. Jennifer DenHartog to discuss your needs and assess whether scleral lenses are right for you.

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Benefits of Wearing Scleral Lenses

With scleral lenses, you’ll experience superior vision and comfort, even if you have an irregular cornea. Below are some of the benefits of wearing sclerals:

lenses with Large Diameter

They stay centered on your eye and won't pop out easily

lenses with High quality materials

High-quality materials mean they'll last for the long haul

scleral lenses Protects against allergies
Protects against allergies

Large lenses block debris, dust, and other allergens

scleral lenses are Breathable
Breathable materials

Breathable material ensures oxygen reaches the eye

Lubricating Cushion in the lenses
Lubricating cushion

Pocket of moisturizing tears for all-day comfort and hydration

Ready to say goodbye to all those uncomfortable contact lenses and say hello to crystal clear comfortable vision? Book your appointment Dr. Jennifer DenHartog in West Des Moines today!

Our Eye Care Team

Dr. Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer DenHartog

Dr. DenHartog received her Doctor of Optometry from Indiana University School of Optometry. She earned her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology from the University of Iowa. She has been practicing in the greater Des Moines area since 2000. She is an active member of the Iowa Optometric...

Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus Treatment in West Des Moines

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Are you suffering from:

    • Blurred or distorted vision.
    • Sudden worsening or clouding of vision.
    • Increased light sensitivity.

One of the most common conditions that scleral lenses help to address is keratoconus. This condition occurs when the normally round, clear part at the front of the eye, the cornea, begins to thin and bulge into a cone or football-like shape. This can severely harm your vision.

Scleral lenses help with this by providing a dome-like surface over the abnormal cornea, creating proper refraction for clear vision.

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Ready To Try Scleral Lenses?

First Step:

Call our eye care clinic in West Des Moines to schedule an appointment with our professional scleral lens eye doctor.

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Second Step:
Contact Lens Fitting

Your Specialty Contact Lens Center at Premier Vision Clinic eye doctor in West Des Moines will measure your cornea using a process called corneal topography.

Third Step:
Enjoy Clear Vision

Your customized scleral lenses will allow the right amount of light in and sit stably on the eye, offering superior vision, all-day hydration and increased comfort.

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FAQ | Understanding Scleral Lenses

How do scleral lenses help with dry eye syndrome?

Scleral lenses are filled with a saline solution prior to inserting them, so your eyes are always hydrated and comfortable. This protects against dry eye symptoms such as pain, discomfort, eye redness, and itchiness while providing sharp and clear vision.

What makes scleral lenses so comfortable?

Scleral lenses are always custom-fit to your eye which offers superior comfort. Moreover, their large size and shape also ensure they sit stably on your eye and don't pop out even during sports or other activities.

Are scleral lenses hard to adjust to?

For some people, it can take up to 2 weeks to fully adjust to scleral lenses. Here are a few tips: wear them a little each day to get used to them; be generous in how much lens solution you use when inserting them; and, closely follow the hygiene instructions laid out by your eye doctor.

Experience a whole new world with scleral lenses!

Relieve your discomfort by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Jennifer DenHartog and we’ll help you find the best solution for your condition and lifestyle.

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Scleral Lenses Reviews


Just over two years ago, at the age of 70, I began experiencing double vision with my left eye, first noticeable when looking at street lights at night.  My optometrist then discovered that the lens placed in my eye during cataract surgery twelve years previous had become dislodged and would need to be replaced.

Unfortunately, the surgery to replace the lens resulted in a rare eye hemorrhage, a condition which blackened the cornea and caused the internal eye pressure to rise dramatically.  A second surgery was necessary to install a Baerveldt implant to relieve the pressure, which was then successfully accomplished.

After months of follow-up visits and medications, I was left with a traumatized cornea, a drooping eyelid and a constant scratching feeling.  It was then that I was referred to Dr. Jennifer DenHartog, O.D. at the Premier Vision Clinic in Clive, Iowa.

Dr. Den Hartog recommended fitting me with a scleral contact lens to cover the cornea and relieve the irritation I was experiencing.  Her examination and measurements were perfect and I immediately felt total relief from the scratching.  In addition, over the next several months, the drooping eyelid gradually resumed its normal position.  She and her staff generously gave of their time to assist me in practicing with the placement and removal of the lens.

Today, I’m wearing the lens all day without any problem.  It’s such a relief to have a normal feeling eye. I’m very satisfied with the expertise and patient-friendly care provided by Dr. Den Hartog and her staff.

- Craig C. May 20, 2022
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